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Why to use a Telecom Agent

Almost all Telecommunications Carriers and VoIP Phone System Providers have two "channels" available for your business telephone system, service and Internet needs. The "direct" sales rep from a carrier can only offer one provider's services while the "indirect" channel of agents have many choices available to businesses. 

Here is why to use a Telecom Agent vs. dealing directly with providers or their reps: 

1) Agents are your one stop telecom shop. Instead of dealing with multiple sales reps from multiple carriers, you can deal with just one. Agents have experience and access to multiple providers. We can find you the best combination of service, pricing, taxes and promotions. We may have access to better pricing than you can get when dealing directly with a carrier.

2) Agents can act as your customer advocate. Carrier direct reps don’t always act in your best interests. They are compensated by the amount you spend and continue to spend on your business telephone and Internet service. 

3) Agents will provide you with independent information. A carrier rep, that works for a single provider is not going to point out the advantages that other providers may offer. Since an agent represents multiple providers, they are not invested in which carrier you choose and are more likely to disclose information about a certain company’s limitations. 

4) You get more from an agent, but you don’t pay more. With an agent you receive experience, expertise, customer service, product support and project management. You don’t pay extra for those benefits. 

5) Agents can save you time and free up your staff. Instead of having your staff members meet with multiple reps, from multiple providers, let an agent shop your services for you. 

6) No Sales Quotas! Unlike a direct rep, whose job is to make the sale and often times move on to the next sale, agents work for your business. Direct Reps may have sales quotas to hit and can be pushy to get the sale, especially at the end of the month. As an Agent, we work on your schedule and want to ensure the right solution is given and will take the necessary time to help you find it. 

7) You know where to find us. We are your local Telecom Agency. You are not dealing with a telemarketer over the phone or a carrier rep that may not be there for you next year. Carrier reps often bounce from company to company. We know who the carriers are that service the area, and we stay abreast of industry and service changes. We will be here when you need us. 

8) Carriers often go through mergers and acquisitions, sometimes affecting their service or pricing. If you are ever unhappy with your provider, we can offer alternatives that will better suit your business requirements. 

If you have any questions, or would like a FREE assessment of your telecom situation, reach out to us. There will be NO pressure and NO obligation. You will notice the difference!