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Telecom Consulting Service

Let us review your Telephone Services, Telephone Bill and Telephone System Configuration! Free Analysis!

S-Mark Business Solutions is a telecommunications expense management agency. We look at what businesses are spending on their voice services, Internet connectivity, and any multi-location wide area networking services to determine what they are getting and for what price. We then can provide our best recommendation based on your company's specific situation and objectives.

Has anyone really delved in to the charges on your phone bill, or do you just pay it every month because the amount looks right?

With some exception, most companies do not have the time or experience to thoroughly understand what they're paying for on their telephone bill. Others are on outdated programs with their carriers. Most telecommunications service providers do not automatically inform you about their latest products that could save you money. There are also many circuit configurations and other beneficial features that you may not be aware of.

An extremely high percentage of phone bills either have errors, services you are paying for but don't need, older products/pricing plans or have circuits and services that could be configured more efficiently.

S-Mark Business Solutions will review your bill at no cost to you and will make recommendations about how you can reduce your expenditures or improve service. Of course, if you are configured correctly, or have the best program, we will advise you stay with your current configuration.

Contact us if you would like a free telephone bill analysis.